Propane Delivery & Propane Gas Refills

When we say Expo Propane has the best people and the best service, we mean it. Our experienced team is 100% dedicated to delivering exceptional service to commercial and industrial propane and autogas users across Southern California - every day. We also provide residential propane in the Sylmar and Pomona areas.

Have you heard? Elected officials want to take away your right to access propane! Don’t let politicians decide how you’ll heat your home or cook your food! Sign the petition to stop them!

Serving your business

Commercial forklift refueling

For commercial propane deliveries for your forklifts or 24/7 autogas fueling for your vehicles, Expo Propane has the best people and best service in the SoCal area to keep your business moving. You won't run out of gas with Expo supplying your commercial, industrial, or institutional needs.

Our Propane Service Fits Your Busy Schedule

Propane Questions?

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If you’re a new customer or not yet an Expo Propane customer, and you have questions, let us know! We know how to serve your home, business and fleet with propane and autogas. Our team is friendly and helpful. También hablamos español. So let's talk.

Los Angeles (562) 804-3400Pomona 909-469-6756Sylmar 818-838-4400

Expo Propane takes propane safety seriously!

We take part in the Propane Education and Research Council’s certification program, and we always follow industry safety guidelines, which ensures that a safety check is performed with every installation. To help you and your family be safe with propane, check out these residential propane safety tips! We also have tips for our commercial propane customers!

When you're looking for the best in propane service – a safe, reliable, steady supply – call Expo:
Los Angeles (562) 804-3400Pomona 909-469-6756Sylmar 818-838-4400

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