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Commercial forklift refueling

For commercial propane deliveries for your forklifts or 24/7 autogas fueling for your vehicles, Expo Propane has the best people and best service in the SoCal area to keep your business moving. You won't run out of gas with Expo supplying your commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural needs.

Committed to safety

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Every Expo Propane employee is dedicated to providing safe, reliable service for you and your people. Our daily support and value-added safety services and training – tailored especially for your business – turn the Expo team's experience into a benefit for your team.

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If you are not already an Expo Propane customer, give us a call at (888) LPG-EXPO (888-574-3976) or (562) 804-3400. We know how to serve your business and fleet with propane and autogas. Our team is friendly and helpful. También hablamos español. So let's talk.

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When you're looking for the best in commercial propane service – a safe, reliable, steady supply – call Expo. TOll-FREE (888) LPG-EXPO, (888-574-3976) or locally (562) 804-3400

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If you’re looking for residential or agricultural propane service in Central and Northern California, we invite you to
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